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Guido Tassini was born in Genova, Italy, the city in which he received his formal education. Upon completing his studies in Italy, he immigrated to Venezuela and eventually made this country his permanent home. His engineering background enabled him to work for almost ten (10) years as an engineer in charge of international industrial firms specializing in the field of technology. In the early ´90s, he started his own business, its main activity being the organization of conventions and exhibits, while at the same time providing services to many different sectors such as: industrial, commercial, cultural and recreational. He was a well-known entrepreneur in this field for over twenty (20) years during which time his firm was considered to be the most important one of its kind in Venezuela. During his lifetime, beginning with his student years and later on as a professional, Guido Tassini has always been a fervent admirer of every aspect of the fine arts, placing special emphasis on plastic arts. He started his painting career with figurative and abstract artworks until he finally focused on geometric abstraction. Possibly, due to his engineering skills and his constant quest for precision, at the present time, in his studio in Caracas, Venezuela, he has dedicated himself on a full-time basis to his works which depict a geometric style and a touch of kineticism. Guido Tassini presented his first individual art exhibition in USA, June 2015, in the Kontemp Art Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida. At that time he exhibited a series of  ten (10) works of art titled «COLOR AND CREATIVE GEOMETRY», where, as colors appear on the canvas,  they intermingle with an almost mathematical precision.
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